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About us

In June 2018 Mandy started her own tattoo studio together in Den Haag, Netherlands called Zodiac Tattoo.

Mandy has 8 years of experience in a few tattooshops in The Netherlands. After a lifetime of drawing for fun!

We are a custom tattoo studio, meaning we love to work with your ideas, and our own styles to make a unique design and tattoo for you.

We choose to not copy every design or existing tattoo that is not made by ourselves. We like examples for inspiration, but we will not copy other artists designs or someting from google.

This way we hope to create more special tattoos for everybody and put a little bit of our own personality in the tattoo!


Mika is specialized in fine linework, dotwork, mimimalistic and Semi-Realistic. Mainly black&grey.

Mandy Denise (mandydenisetattoos) is specialized in Realistic, Animals, Portraits, Botanical/Floral work, Feminin soft work. Both in color and black&grey.

Dani is specialized in Dotwork and traditional. Black&grey and color.

How to make an appointment with Mandy Denise

Because of a lot of interest in her style, there is limited space in her agenda.
We try to book in as much as possible ofcourse, but there is a waiting list of ± 6-7 months. :)

To book in with Mandy there is 4 booking times in a year where it is best to send your email. For the rest the bookings will be closed until the next booking time.

In June she will book the months: October, November and December.
In September she will book the months: January, February and March .
In December she will book the months: April, May, and June
In March she will book the months: July, August and September.

So it is best to send an email with your tattoo idea in one of these booking times! (June, September, December or March).

How to make an appointment with Mika

To book in with Mika, you can email her directly on

Also a message on instagram @mikaink is possible.

You can stop by the tattoo studio from wednesday untill Saturday from 11:00 - 17:00. But it is wise to message us first to check if she is at the studio and available.

Or if you prefer to ask some info you can also send an email to with all your tattoo ideas!

Please include what your idea is, rough size, place on the body, color or black&grey, some example if necessary.

She usually has free spaces within 1-2 months!


Deposits are asked in order to book an appointment with us. This is to book your date and spot.
For the artist this is a way to make sure the client is going to come to the appointment.

When cancelling your appointment, the deposit will not be refunded, regardless of the reason or time of cancelling.

Or course you may reschadule once while keeping your deposit! This can be done 72 hours before the appointment or earlier.

If you cancel or wanted to reschedule less than 72 hours before, unfortunately this would be a last-minute cancellation for us, and you would need to make a new deposit for a new appointment.

How to book an appointment with Dani

Dani books appointments by email:

Please send her an email with your tattoo idea and we will book you in as soon as possible!